Ely Stone Stash 2022 – Friday, Oct. 21, 2022

A bit more than half the Ely Stone Stash rocks for 2022

Painting and hiding stones for this event since 2017. This is an Into The Brush sponsored event. Into The Brush is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to increase tourism to the Ely region by art education.

This year’s Stone Stash is like all the rest. The rules are simple. On Friday morning (Oct. 21) before 9 AM, go online to https://www.facebook.com/intothebrush. That’s our Into The Brush page in Facebook. There we will give you clues as to where the 2 regions are in Ely proper – on public lands only- where the stones will be hidden. Look for the little Lake Superior rocks. Stone Stash rocks will have “JBALTICH” or “CWE” on them as the artist who painted the stone. Stones will be hidden mostly on the ground in places like signs, lamp post bases, right out in the open and tucked into the grass. Could be on a tree wedged behind a piece of bark. Every stone will be accessible just by bending and/or reaching for it. The finder of the Golden Moose wins a Joe Baltich matted print.

The rules are:
1. Possession Limit of 1 stone per person AND “Catch & release” on all the rest. It’s OK to look and exchange and re-hide. We would like as many people to have a chance at successfully finding a rock as possible. This is intended as a family & friends activity. Everyone is welcome.

2. Please be kind and careful. Note that there is inherent risk in any activities anywhere and by looking for rocks during the Ely Stone Stash, you are accepting this risk. Please watch and take care of your kids. Watch for vehicle traffic, and stay off of private property. Cross the streets in the crosswalks and do not assume moving vehicles will stop. Please apply common sense. Smile and say hi to other rock hunters.

3. Afterwards, go have lunch somewhere in town. Maybe have a hot chocolate and cookie from a local establishment – or lunch or dinner.

4. Please post your find in Facebook in Into The Brush and What’s Up Ely so we all have an idea of what might still be out there waiting to be found.

5. Enjoy the day, family & friends and the Ely Stone Stash!


Painting is FUN! Yes, you can!

Take an art lesson. Learn the basics and grow from there. Contact us for more info!



Early July Painting at Northwind Lodge – Into The Brush

Lots of painting going on at the Into The Brush classroom in the Fernberg Gallery at Northwind Lodge. Everybody was having a good time and art was being created out of thin air. You, too, could be whipping out some cool wall decorations at Northwind Lodge – Into The Brush! Into The Brush 2-hr classes are open to the general public as well. With few exceptions, we generally only schedule related groups for all classes. Call 218-365-5489 to schedule a class time that fits your schedule.


Time Lapse Video of Rock Painting by Joe

You really ought to try painting. It’s fun. It’s like yoga without all the breathing and stretching. (Sometimes, artists actually forget to breathe as they concentrate – don’t do that.) It’s relaxing. You can learn it all here in person at Into The Brush. Come stay at Northwind Lodge and take painting lessons. Then go home with the basics and paint all year long! Don’t believe for a second that “you can’t do it”. Painting is all about blending and gradations (fades from darker blue to lighter blue). Look at the blending going on in the video. I’m certain that literally everyone can do that. That’s half the painting right there. So, why not give it a try?

Lessons: 218-365-5489 or email intothebrush@gmail.com. Ask questions. I only bite a little. Anyone can say they don’t bite. Where’s the fun in that?

Another Happy Group Paints Rocks

Painting class by Into The Brush at Northwind Lodge leads to a fun time in the north woods of Minnesota!  There’s a stone here waiting for you to put your name on it and we know how to help you do that.  (It involves paint and a willingness to have fun.) painting class at Northwind Lodge

Painting class at Northwind Lodge, Ely, MN

Resounding Reflections resulted in beautiful works of art!

It was a fun class….well, they always are. Five painters surprised themselves with their successful works. The class was about painting reflections in water and it was definitely challenging to our participants, but the end result were 5 wallhangers. Check them out for yourself.

Into The Brush – Three Day Program June 4, 5 & 6

Still seats available to for the Early June Class!  June 4-6

Learn To Paint - PagamiJoin Into The Brush for a 3 Day art program June 4-6.  Still some open seats available.

This program includes an “art observation/intentional looking” hike with fine art rock painting, glass, and canvas.

The 3-Day Art Program cost is $295 per person and provides 18 hours of painting instruction time, independent study, and all materials.

Program participants may stay in a housekeeping cabin right on the premises at Northwind Lodge for the reduced rate of $99.95 per night (applicable taxes not included) OR they may stay elsewhere and simply participate in the program.  Note that food and beverages are not provided.  Please bring along your favorites snacks and beverages.

So, call and sign up now for this Into The Brush class, today!  218-365-5489

For other Program Options, Click Here
To learn more about Northwind Lodge, Click Here

Pagami wild fire Ely, MN

Pagami: Wildfire

Pagami – 16×20 acrylic on canvas by Joe Baltich.

The Pagami creek fire burned 110,000 acres of the BWCA and was so hot it spread 16 miles in 4 days. Ground zero was a lightning strike located on Pagami creek only about 1.5 miles southeast of my studio and resort. We weren’t entirely sure if we would have to escape with the clothes on our backs if the wind changed suddenly.  Over 600 firefighters fought it for months.  The day of the big wind, when the fire hit a large blow-down section from a prior storm 10 years earlier, the cloud of smoke and steam rose to 40,000 feet in about 15 minutes.  Then that cloud blew all the way to Milwaukee, WI, causing a blackout and major concern.  One of our vendors called from Milwaukee to see if we were still OK. NEVER want to do that again!

You, too and learn to paint in our art program here at Into The Brush!  Stay in your own housekeeping cabin, paint with Joe, go fishing on your own right on Jasper Lake, live among the trees and next to a babbling brook.  It’s is one of the greatest art experiences you could have and you don’t need to know how to paint.  Three different programs to choose.  Stay for the week, take a short program or a longer one.

Click Here to Find Out More!

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