A $250 deposit per person is required at time of registration which must be before the listed registration deadline for the time you want to come.

This deposit is non-refundable and applicable only to the event for which you registered.  The balance is due for lodging & art program 8 weeks prior to the Check in Date of that specific event and it is also listed next to the scheduled events.    Refunds are not issued after the 8 week deadline for any reason.   You may send someone else to take your spot if you are able.    Class dates with less than 3 paid participants in the Into The Brush program for that time will be cancelled.  Deposits for a particular class that has been cancelled due to low participation will be refunded.

Scheduling Difficulties?   Families/Groups/More – for special dates that may work better for you, please contact us and we’ll look at availability!   We may be able to move things around if you meet the minimum of 3 participants in Into The Brush.  Doesn’t hurt to ask.  218-365-5489 or