Ely Stone Stash – This Saturday, July 28 – 8 AM

This is it folks!  Our Ely Stone Stash is up for it’s second run during the Blueberry Festival this year!  July 28, 2018 at 8 AM the hunt begins for over 70 stones painted by ely artist Joe Baltich and Connie Edwards.  If you wonder if you found one of our works, look at the signature – JBALTICH – and Connie’s will read CWE.

Into The Brush is a non-profit dedicated to art education and driving more fine art in the Ely area.  We hope that our work with these free stones will encourage others to step up their games in learning to paint beautiful things.

NEW!  Lady of Stone Challenge

Find the Lady of Stone – all six rocks- and win a framed Mr. Majestic print – a $100 value by artist Joe Baltich!  All you have to do is find all six face parts and you are good to go!  Now, that may be a bit easier said than done as everybody is finding the stones.  You may have to become a skilled investigator/negotiator to figure out how to find/get someone who has the “left ear” and is willing to fork it over.  This challenge will be a fun one! Lady of Stone

We are hiding slightly more than this many rocks, so get out there on Saturday morning and hunt!   Find, re-hide, or keep!  Your choice!  Enjoy compliments of IntoTheBrush.org!

Stones of the Blueberry Arts Ely Stone Stash

Learn to paint a stone at an IntoTheBrush Micro Art class.  Only $35 per person for about 2 hours of fun!  All materials provided plus a Lake Superior stone.  Call 218-365-5489 to set up a class.

Also, learn to paint in extended art programming with Joe Baltich of IntoTheBrush and the Fernberg Gallery.  Classes are taught at Northwind Lodge inside Fernberg Gallery building.  Stay right at the resort or commute from other areas.   Check out the artistic possibilities for yourself, friends and family!