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Into The Brush Painting Workshop Rates 2017

Shared Accommodations 

Arrival Departure Class Workshop
May 14 May 19 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
May 21 May 26 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
May 28 June 2 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
June 4 June 9 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
June 11 June 16 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
June 18 June 23 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
June 25 June 30 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $325.00 4
July 2 July 7 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $325.00 4
Aug 13 Aug 18 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $325.00 4
Aug 20 Aug 25 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $325.00 4
Aug 27 Sept 1 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
Sept 3 Sept 8 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
Sept 10 Sept 15 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
Sept 17 Sept 22 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4
Sep 24 Sept 29 Acrylics Wild $495.00 $275.00 4

Shared Accommodations Rates include –  one bedroom per person with all clean bed linens blankets included,  a shared kitchen/living space which included basic cooking/eating utensils, gas range, electric refrigerator, microwave,  shared bathroom with shower, toilet, lavatory.

Private Accommodations

Private cabins may be available and priced for up to two people minimum depending upon cabin availability at the following rates/dates below.  Individuals may stay alone in a private cabin if available but the pricing for that cabin reflects up to 2 people at the rates in the box below.  So, a husband may want to come up and stay with his wife, but go fishing instead of being enrolled in the art class programming. OR, one person may want to stay in the cabin alone while taking art class programming.  For a total price, simply take the workshop price from above and add it to the the private cabin rate below with regard to the corresponding dates.   Note that at least one person per private cabin must be enrolled in the Art Workshop to qualify for these rates:  If you have a group of three or more, at your request, we can try to house you in the same cabin for the shared accommodations rates.

Rate  Program Cost Total Cost
May 14 – June 24 $645.00 $495.00 $1170.00
June 25 – Aug 26 $795.00 $495.00 $1290.00
Aug 27 – Sept 24 $645.00 $495.00 $1170.00

Taxes are not included in any of the above pricing.  The above rate is for 1 person taking the program. If another person wants to take the program you need to add $495.00 to the above costs.  Boat and motor rentals are available.  You may also bring a private boat for a launch fee of $25.  Please ask about details.

A cabin stay is not required to participate in class programming but it is very convenient.  If staying off property, please be prompt in getting to classes and artist observation trips.


For Housing/Workshop Packages, we require an advance deposit of 50% of the combined accommodation and workshop rates or if you are only attending the classes and staying elsewhere a deposit of $200 is required in advance.  Deposits are non-refundable.  The balance of your stay is required upon arrival.  Taxes are not included.  A lodging tax  of 3% will be charged additionally to the lodging portion of your invoice.  A 2% discount for cash or check payments is available.

Acrylics Wild Class Itinerary

Check In.  Evening Orientation:  6:30 PM
Class 7:30 PM – 9:00PM

9:15 AM “Follow The Leader” familiarization class  Ends 12 Noon
Evening Class 7 PM -9:30 PM

9:15 AM Wilderness Art Inspiration Hike to 12 Noon
Class 1 PM to 4 PM
Evening Class 7PM to 9:30PM

9:15 AM  Wilderness Art Inspiration by Canoe to 12 Noon
Class 1 PM to 4:30 PM
Evening Class 7 PM to 9:30 PM

9:15 AM to 12 Noon Class
1 PM – 4:30 PM Class   Evening Campfire 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Final Goodbyes: Check Out 10 AM

Disclaimers:   Into The Brush, Inc. reserves the right to adjust/change/modify Into The Brush program information when deemed necessary to correct for typographical errors or omissions should they occur.  We also reserve the right to make scheduling adjustments for weather or safety and comfort concerns.  There is no refund for participants missing or failing to attend any part of the scheduled programming, nor will there be refunds of any kind for weather-related or other unplanned, unforeseen, cancellations of activities.  While it is our goal to provide a top quality enjoyable experience every time, Into The Brush, Inc. reserves the right to adjust or cancel any scheduling order for any reason.


Chickadee on Wineglass
Chickadee on Wineglass