Micro Art Class Photos

Micro Art Classes are for people to see if this whole “painting thing” is achievable or not.  So far, I’m going with “Yup.”

into the brush micro art class
Painting Glassware at Ely, MN
into the brush micro art class
Beautiful Sunsets
First time artist's work at Into The Brush
The work of a first-time artist!
Painted Rocks from Into The Brush Micro Classes
Painted Rocks – Into The Brush Micro Classes

Now who said “you couldn’t do it?”, again?  I keep hearing people say ” they can’t even paint ‘stick people’ very well”.   I disagree.  We can help you paint the most realistic stick people ever painted and then some, but if you don’t take two hours out of your life and try it, you simply don’t know.   Come out and surprise yourself.  Give us a call to reserve your spot.

Thursdays 1-3 PM and 7-9 PM  are the advertised times and a reservation is required.  We have to know you are coming.

HOWEVER:  If you have a group or even as an individual would like to come at a customized time, call us!!!!  We’re flexible!  218-365-4512  (leave a message if you don’t find a human right away)   OR send an email to ask about pretty much anything  intothebrush2016@gmail.com