Early July Painting at Northwind Lodge – Into The Brush

Lots of painting going on at the Into The Brush classroom in the Fernberg Gallery at Northwind Lodge. Everybody was having a good time and art was being created out of thin air. You, too, could be whipping out some cool wall decorations at Northwind Lodge – Into The Brush! Into The Brush 2-hr classes are open to the general public as well. With few exceptions, we generally only schedule related groups for all classes. Call 218-365-5489 to schedule a class time that fits your schedule.


Another Happy Group Paints Rocks

Painting class by Into The Brush at Northwind Lodge leads to a fun time in the north woods of Minnesota!  There’s a stone here waiting for you to put your name on it and we know how to help you do that.  (It involves paint and a willingness to have fun.) painting class at Northwind Lodge

Painting class at Northwind Lodge, Ely, MN

Mobile Paint Party FUN

Mobile Paint Party was at Eagle’s Nest. I would say fun was had by all and many pretty rocks are now among us. Thank you ladies for such a fun time painting – and the delicious lunch! —  Eagles Nest, Minnesota.  We come to you!
Image may contain: 8 people, including Lana Bothun Hietala and Mary Lou AndGeorge Spaeth, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor

The Painted Canoe of Ely

Welcome to Into the Brush!

Welcome to Ely, Minnesota’s first-and-only, non-profit organization dedicated to wilderness appreciation through art education.

Into The Brush

It is our belief that everyone can paint artistically.  If you haven’t picked up an artist’s paintbrush and would like to try it for real, Into The Brush is the art program for you.

Artistic observation in a subject-rich environment like the wilderness northeast of Ely, Minnesota (the Boundary Waters Canoe Area), is a visual delight that can be observed and enjoyed.  Then, painting what one saw, becomes the real goal with Into The Brush.

Yes, everyone can paint and have fun while doing it.  Unlike the instant nature of today’s photography which can be quite gratifying as well, putting colors to canvas warms the soul in a different (deeper) way and offers far more freedom for creativity to the artist.

This website, while we hope it to be interesting and helpful, is but a mere shadow of the real program Into The Brush where we experience hands-on art education together and with much more detail, discussion, observation, and implementation.

We hope you will find Into The Brush inviting, interesting, and helpful as you explore the possibilities of painting for the first time or extending your artistic abilities and talents.  We also invite you to join us in at our program base northeast of Ely, Minnesota.