Painting is FUN! Yes, you can!

Take an art lesson. Learn the basics and grow from there. Contact us for more info!


Early July Painting at Northwind Lodge – Into The Brush

Lots of painting going on at the Into The Brush classroom in the Fernberg Gallery at Northwind Lodge. Everybody was having a good time and art was being created out of thin air. You, too, could be whipping out some cool wall decorations at Northwind Lodge – Into The Brush! Into The Brush 2-hr classes are open to the general public as well. With few exceptions, we generally only schedule related groups for all classes. Call 218-365-5489 to schedule a class time that fits your schedule.

Ely Stone Stash 2020 is ON

ly Stone Stash officially begins NOW! 10 AM Friday, Oct. 16, 2020

Area 1: The region formed by a one block radius surrounding Whiteside park.

Area 2: From Central Ave East to Third Avenue East. Harvey Street to Sheridan Street in this region. Great News Ely or What’s Up Ely MN

Note: If the Golden Eagle and Moose aren’t found by 10:30, I will give a vague hint here. If after the vague hint, they still haven’t been found, I will be more direct and you can go “all Thunderdome” to find them. (No, I won’t be doing that. 🙃)



Ely Stone Stash – the Details

Ely Stone Stash 2020
Only a small sample of the stones to be stashed in the Ely Stone Stash fine art event.
The fourth year of the Ely Stone Stash (ESS) by Into The Brush kicks off again on the Friday of MEA Weekend at 10 AM!    IT’S FREE!  

The kick-off will be announced by Into The Brush (OR Joe Baltich or Joe Baltich Art depending on if Facebook hates me or not on Friday – who knows!)  in Facebook in the What’s Up Ely MN group and and also in the Great News Ely group in Facebook.   Just click the links in the previous sentence.

At the 10 AM, ESS kick-off, you will be given the parameters of the stash.

In other words, we will tell you the streets and avenues that surround the regions where the stones are hidden. Note that stones will be hidden on public property only with the exception of possible placement on the very edges of private property where it meets public property.    So, don’t be digging in someone’s garden or crawling in their garage.  It could end badly for you.   You won’t need to walk on any private property.  Stones will not be buried, so leave your folding army shovel at home.  Stones “could” be lightly hidden under other objects or tucked into holes that would be safe to pluck the rock from its hiding place.  If you see a colorful stone sitting on the trigger pan of a set bear trap, walk away.   It should be obvious that I am kidding about the bear trap….but DO apply common sense.     Also, pay attention to traffic on the streets.  Look for cars both ways BEFORE crossing and use crosswalks!    Don’t assume the car will stop, either.   I can’t believe I feel the need to say this, but my cynical side comes out these days.  We don’t want anyone losing an arm (or worse) during a “free, public, fine art Easter egg hunt”.

Have fun, be safe.

Ely Stone Stash Summary: 

1. This free event starts at 10 AM in two locations  right in ely.    The locations will be announced at 10 AM.   No early hunters, please.  We’d appreciate everyone starting at the same time.  While this is a public event, it’s nice when kids can find a stone. (Hint, hint…do you get my drift?) 

2. We request that you keep only one stone.  You may trade out that stone with others that you find.   Please re-hide any traded stone preferably in the same place.  Think of it as a bag limit of one, and “catch & release” for everything else.  (In this case, stringer sorting is allowed – they aren’t fish, afterall.)

3. The finders of the golden eagle and golden moose can contact me in messenger, and you both win a $30 matted print by Joe Baltich.

4. There are about 100 rocks, total.  Please post pictures of your find in What’s Up Ely MN or Great News Ely in Facebook.   You may need to join one or both groups before Friday.  It’s easy. 

5. Any rocks not found, become part of the archaeology of Ely.  Aliens will find them and wonder what the archaeic ritual was during our time.  We’d much rather you find them and give them a home. 

6. So, get out there and have fun with your family and friends!  That’s all there is to it!





Time Lapse Video of Rock Painting by Joe

You really ought to try painting. It’s fun. It’s like yoga without all the breathing and stretching. (Sometimes, artists actually forget to breathe as they concentrate – don’t do that.) It’s relaxing. You can learn it all here in person at Into The Brush. Come stay at Northwind Lodge and take painting lessons. Then go home with the basics and paint all year long! Don’t believe for a second that “you can’t do it”. Painting is all about blending and gradations (fades from darker blue to lighter blue). Look at the blending going on in the video. I’m certain that literally everyone can do that. That’s half the painting right there. So, why not give it a try?

Lessons: 218-365-5489 or email Ask questions. I only bite a little. Anyone can say they don’t bite. Where’s the fun in that?

New Abbie Rehbein for sale: Serenity

This is a new canvas by Abbie Rehbein, 16 year-old student of the art mentor program Under A Wing which is part of Into The Brush. It is a beautiful work with peaceful waters and loosely painted landscapes. As per traditional “Abbie” her clouds are graceful and laces with subtleties. This painting would make a great addition to any space at home or in the cabin.

Painting Price: $90
Frame as seen: add $30

Ready to display: $120

Please call 218-365-5489 to purchase with a credit card. Shipping would cost additionally and is available.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and water

Another Happy Group Paints Rocks

Painting class by Into The Brush at Northwind Lodge leads to a fun time in the north woods of Minnesota!  There’s a stone here waiting for you to put your name on it and we know how to help you do that.  (It involves paint and a willingness to have fun.) painting class at Northwind Lodge

Painting class at Northwind Lodge, Ely, MN

June 7 - 2-6 PM

Under A Wing Sidewalk Exhibit

One Day Event – June 7,  2-6 PM – First Avenue East in Ely

Under A Wing art mentor students, Abbie and Lauren Rehbein, have both completed the required 52 classes in the Under A Wing Art Mentor program with Ely artist, Joe Baltich. That’s a commitment to a minimum of 104 hours painting time in class. It does not include their extra time spent attending local art shows, producing fine art for benevolent services such as Stones Of Uplifting Light and the very popular Ely Stone Stash event October 2019. Through their excellent dedication and skills, the artistic efforts of Abbie and Lauren have enriched Ely in fine art and festive community participation.

The final part of this phase of Under A Wing is the student art exhibit where all of their works are for sale. Under A Wing is about art entrepreneurship – learning how to make an income by applying one’s talents. We were supposed to rent a space to exhibit, but Covid 19 has disrupted that. Instead, we are going to do an outdoor exhibit. Please come to see it.
Hopefully the rain will hold off.

All works are for sale. Cash or checks only.